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Residence Solutions

Residence Solutions

With INTERRA, all residence needs are met by using the latest technology.

Absolute comfort, security, and elegance are in your home with a single system in residences and houses. When the control of living quarters are ensured perfectly with Interra technologies, cost-effective solutions are presented to customers. The most special solutions come to your door with Interra privilege. It is time to get rid of dozens of mind-boggling control mechanisms. All the controls needed in residences can easily be controlled from a single point with Interra. Enjoy saving money while Interra ensures smart residence solutions.


You can make all the needed adjustments with the touch panel in your day-to-day busy tasks. You can book a spa appointment, call a taxi, view announcements and messages from the site management. You can also control these privileged services via smart devices if you wish.

By doing all the controls in your house within the scenarios, you can set the optimum energy level by yourself. Through automatic measurements carried out within the system, you can control lighting, heating and cooling functions in the rooms via a single panel.

One of the biggest challenges of the modern world is the problem of accessing information. Thanks to site management integration, you can access all your information in the most accurate and quickest way via a single screen. Moreover, you can connect to all your information through your smart devices with the mobile integration system.
     BE SAFE
Thanks to solutions that ensure your full safety, you can view and respond to your entire security system, including security warnings such as glass breaks, via your mobile devices. This way, you can be sure that you are safe and concentrate on your day-to-day tasks more comfortably.      


Residence Solutions
Concierge and residence services

A first-class life. The most important issues regarding residences, "concierge and services"

The services menu offers you the key to solving all the problems you may experience at home. Taxi for guests, attendant for daily cleaning, valet for your car... Everything you need is on the services menu. Interra's dynamic platform has now become an integral part of residential life. These services are called via the Interra panels or Interra mobile applications and are transferred to instant information lobby, reception or building management

Automation system control

While experiencing comfort at the upper limits, you can save energy. All automation controls are performed with the world standard KNX or the custom protocol EIO and serve to make users comfortable.


Thanks to smartmeters allowing you to keep your bills at a reasonable price, you will be aware of the monthly energy spent in your house.


Interra brings the age of enlightenment to your place. You can ensure the lighting you wish perfectly by controlling the lighting systems in your places with Interra technologies.

Air Conditioning

Irregular heating and cooling are the most common causes of energy loss. You can determine the active working hours of your home heating and cooling processes with Interra air conditioning solutions. You can save money thanks to an air conditioning system adapting to your home with a perfect integration.

Curtain Shutter

By providing control of your curtains and shutters via touch panel, you can bring life to your place.

Timer Scenarios

All the scenarios you set when you leave or enter the house are started with a single touch. You can also create time-based scenarios; by this means, you can enjoy the comfort you desire within the pre-determined times.

Mobile solutions

Interra allows you to control the automation, concierge/services, alarms and other capabilities via iPad or even iWatch device by developing software on every platform for its users. While you can control smart life and comfort from where you sit, security messages and warnings are sent to your mobile phone when you are not home.

Camera Viewing, Alarm, Security

You can prevent possible unpleasant scenarios in your house thanks to the site management system that works in harmony with the alarm and security systems. Site management system can be integrated with other electronic devices; thus, in case of a possible danger, the site administration is informed via message and the security is provided instantly.


You can always enjoy being at home with Interra products providing aesthetics and value to your living spaces as well as comfort.

Sip Video Intercom

Through the IP-based telephone and video intercom in front of the building, you can greet your guests and contact them if you wish.

After Sales / Service

Interra after-sales services and other services are in every region of our country with its competent and trained teams for the fulfillment of the most outstanding projects. Interra, the product developer and technology designer, is at your service 7/24.